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Heavenly Touch (2009)

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Heavenly Touch is a 2009 movie directed by Joel Lamangan, starring Paolo Serrano, Joash Balejado, Jeffrey Santos, Jim Pebangco, Marco Morales, and Gwen Garci


Nursing student Rodel (Paolo Serrano) supports his schooling by working nightly as a masseur at the Heavenly Touch Spa, which offers more than massage to its mostly gay clientele.

When he discovers that Jonard (Joash Balejado), a former classmate for whom he has secret romantic feelings, is in need of a job, Rodel teaches him basic massage skills and brings him to the spa.

Immediately, the reluctant Jonard discovers that, contrary to its name, the spa is a hellish place ruled by a vicious ex-cop Sir Tong (Jeffrey Santos).

The jolly and maternal spa manager, Mama Orange (Jim Pebanco), makes up for the owners cruelty even as he treats Sir Tong with abject devotion.

Sir Tong has a fair-haired boy among the masseurs, Biboy (Marco Morales), his trusted lieutenant in his illegal drug business. Biboy takes a liking to Jonard, much to Rodel’s distaste. Soon, Rodel’s affections for Jonard can no longer be denied. Jonard finds financial relief in dispensing massage and extra service to his gay clients. Suddenly, there’s hope for his fight against the impending foreclosure on his family’s home.

Rodel also eagerly contributes his own earnings to the cause, especially the tidy sums he receives from a very generous home-service client, the lovely Shiela (Gwen Garci).

Amidst the spa’s oppressive state of affairs and Jonard’s bleak domestic situation, romance blooms between him and Rodel. But Shiela and Rodel were caught in flagrante delicto by her politician benefactor. With Rodel, sidelined by his injuries, Jonard has no one to turn to when his financial problem escalates.

Jonard succumbs to Biboy’s overtures, setting off a series of events that culminates in a violent confrontation between Sir Tong and Rodel, with the masseurs.

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